Changes to Our Newsletter

A New and Better Provider

This coming Wednesday, you will receive your newsletter from a different provider. The new provider offers many advantages. You will now have the ability to comment on posts and to tweet and like them. It offers discussion threads and can more easily serve videos and other interactive content. It is also a more secure site to protect your privacy. Our new subscriber URL is Please let your colleagues and friends know so they can sign up and enjoy our content as well.

We are also now offering a paid version of the newsletter, although all the articles will still be available for free. The paid subscription offers many new benefits including access to an interactive discussion group, a monthly book, article or video review and discussion, access to all our white papers for free, the results of surveys, and much more. The paid subscription is $5 per month, or with a 50% discount, only $30 for the year. Please consider signing up to help us keep the content coming and to enjoy much more information and curated news.

Thanks for being part of our Future of Talent community and we’ll see you this Wednesday in our new home.

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