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What will be the Future of Talent Acquisiton & Learning?

Welcome to the Future of Talent Weekly Newsletter. I am a futurist, writer, speaker, and researcher into all things regarading talent, learning, and work.

In each post, I will discuss emerging trends, ideas, technologies, and opinions on the direction of talent acquisition, learning and development, and work. I’ll talk about the impact of technology, the way organizations are adapting to the future, and how they are overcoming obstacles to change.

Some issues will be controversial and I invite you to engage, disagree, agree or challenge me and all of us with your ideas.

Once a month I will disucss a book that I am reading and invite you to join me in talking about its messages.

And, occassionly I will post videos or podcasts of interest and I will suually include links to other articles and resources on the newsletter topics.

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