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Augmented Humans

One of the benefits of A.I. is its ability to augment what we do thereby making us smarter or at least better informed than ever before. Augmentation allows us to be more productive and takes over routine and less value-added work.

When we use Alexa or Siri or any of the other voice-activated assistants we are using a form of augmented intelligence. But our iPhones are also augmentation devices that over time become part of us. Think of the anxiety we feel if we leave our phone at home or lose it. A.I. augmentation makes driving our cars easier and gives us the ability to prevent rear-end crashes, “see” through fog and rain, and prevents us from changing lanes when other cars are nearby thereby making us safer. Over time devices and tools that make us smarter or provide us help in accomplishing a goal become an extension of us.

The question we face as a society is how this reliance and integration with technology will be dealt with. What should the law protect or forbid? When by using A.I. we can assess a person’s personality, estimate his or her intelligence, verify the truthfulness of his resume, and find out who his friends are, what are the ethics of augmentation?

We are also entering a time when some of our candidates may be augmented either physically with prosthetics or mentally with drugs or A.I. tools that make them smarter than ordinary humans. What are the ethics of inquiring about this or about hiring people with these capabilities?

The articles and videos below give a bit of the picture but we still do not have answers to these questions.

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A case for embracing the “augmentation” of human minds and bodies

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