Future of Talent Institute Weekly - Issue #27

Collaborative or Team-Based Recruitment

Recruiters have usually worked alone, searching for candidates, building relationships one-by-one and conducting their own interviews. They have dealt with a single hiring manager and the decision on who to hire has largely been in the hands of only two or three people. Interviews are one-on-one and typically only a few people are involved.

Collaborative recruiting turn this on its head. rather that do things alone, entire teams get involved in the process from finding potential hires to interviewing,

In a collaborative recruitment model hiring managers and other recruiters would be part of the process. Hiring managers and other employees work together to define requirements, vet potential candidates, and be an integral part of the interview and decision process. Recruiters share responsibility - dividing work according to skills and interests.

In a collaborative recruiting process candidates get exposure to more employees and gain different perspectives on the organization. They also get to experience the culture of the company.

This process can decrease bias by involving many different people with different viewpoints. And perhaps the biggest benefit is that it helps bring employees together and lets them have a say in who gets hired.


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