Future of Talent Institute Weekly - Issue #3

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Will there be “jobs” as we know them or something else in 10-15 years? Some interesting thoughts below. We also include a few articles on the recruitment trends for 2019 and beyond. Would love your thoughts.

Future of Work

Even though a few years old, this article contains lots of charts and other information that is still relevant. One of my favorites.

The future of work in 29 powerful charts - Management. Disrupted. - New management thinking for the future of work.

The future of work in manufacturing What will jobs look like in the digital era?

With digital technologies poised to transform work, what will manufacturing jobs look like in the future?

Networked but commodified: digital labour in the remote gig economy | New Internationalist

Research by Alex J. Wood, Mark Graham and others shows how gig economy platforms commodify labour in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Recruiting Trends

What’s the future of recruiting look like? Will we still need recruiters?

Here are some perspectives. The first one presents 4 scenarios of what might be.

This is a good interview, with both text and video, with Colin Seward Cisco’s EMEAR CIO. Rather misleading title as the interview is really about the future of work and A.I.

Is the Future of Talent Recruitment about Leadership? | Global Recruitment Thought Leaders

What will Recruiting Look Like in 2029?

We all know that recruiting will not look like it does now in ten years. But what will it be like? Which skills will be useful and which ones will be obsolete? After several generations of more powerful machine learning tools and neural networks are developed, computers will be able to speak at a le

This article is from SHRM ( The U.S. Society for Human Resources Management),

3 Trends That Will Shape Recruiting in 2019

In 2019, employers will entice applicants by hiring for soft skills and potential, offering more-flexible work options and being more open about pay.