Automated Coaching & Learning

Automated Coaching & Learning

Coaching as a way to help develop and retain employees has become more popular and important. Research and experience tells us that when employees lack opportunities to grow and advance in their careers, they leave for other organizations. This is especially true for the younger generations.

More organizations are finding it cost effective to promote internally and provide more development opportunities than have been provided in the recent past. Recruiting is an expensive alternative to retention and development and in the tight labor market we are currently experiencing, nothing is more cost effective than to retain a good employee.

But, rather than create or expand a learning and development function, organizations are turning to a variety of apps that can coach, teach and help employees find new positions within an organization. The classroom is becoming irrelevant. Teachers are becoming guides that direct employees to resources and apps. Online and mobile learning is growing quickly and is becoming the “new normal” way to learn.

I was pleasantly surprised to see many new providers of learning apps at the September HR Tech event in Las Vegas. Among them were tools like Gloat which provides employees with guidance, learning, and job matching. Leadership development coaching is available through and employees can improve their social skills with Mysosh. Employees can learn to code with apps such as Encode or Udacity. For access to a wide variety of learning topics nothing beats Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning), Lynda is an app where you can find how-to videos and much more. And, this is just the tip of what is available. There are hundred of apps and learning aids available, many for free or a small cost, that can help employees gain new skills or improve existing ones.

Apps allow employees to learn whenever and wherever they are. They can use these apps while commuting to work or at home. And these apps can be customized with specific content related to the organization.

Learning Portals

One of the ways organizations are providing employees access to learning is through the use of portals. A portal is a website behind the corporate firewall that provide access to a variety of learning applications as well as tools for group learning and online discussions. They can link to online coaching resources and a wide variety of other learning tools such as MOOCS.

Recruiting and learning are more and more intertwined and each supports the other. This is why I also see a trend toward merging learning and development with recruitment into a single function.

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