Future of Talent Institute Weekly - Issue #4

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Assessment - deciding whether candidates have the skills and aptitudes needed for a particular position - has been a controversial topic for decades. Are interviews really effective ways to determine skills and cultural fit? Do assessment games really work? The articles below provide some perspective.


Dr. Charles Handler has been helping firms assess candidates for many years. In this recent podcast he discusses the value of A.I. assessment and assessment games with Dr. Richard Landers, one of the world’s true experts on the topic.

AI Based Assessments: Science or Science Fiction? with Dr. Richard Landers - S4H001 | Science 4-Hire

Dr. Richard N. Landers is the John P. Campbell Distinguished Professor of…

Your next job interview could be playing a weird smartphone game | New Scientist

Big firms like Siemens and Walmart are using video games to filter candidates, with tasks including blowing up balloons and tapping logos on a screen

Interesting look at reliability and validity of various assessment methods

The Validity & Reliability of different Assessment Methods | Niche Consulting Limited

Niche Consulting recommends valid & reliable psychological assessments. Find out more about validity and reliability measures

Pre-employment testing: pros and cons | Workable

Pre-employment testing can give employers a fuller picture of candidates before they even walk in for an interview. What are the pros and cons?

There are a growing number of online, passive personality assessment tools. I am listing links to 3 of them without any commentary. All offer interesting perspectives on potential candidates based on an analysis of their online presence. I will add comments by experts in I/O psychology soon.

CrystalKnows DeeperSense Emma by Bunch