Future of Talent Institute Weekly - Issue #7

Everything is designed either deliberately or by random processes. Most HR and recruitment functions have evolved in a random way, and their lack of deliberate design and inefficiency has become a problem.

Most recruitment function evolved as needs arose and technology became available. Whatever design there was was for our convenience and for legal compliance.

Whether the candidate or the hiring manager found the process easy, seamless or even useful was not considered.

Human-Centered design has emerged as a way to refocus your processes and thinking for the convenience, ease and quality of experience for your customer or candidate and hiring manager.

These articles provide some guidance insights into the whys and how of redesign.

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Human-Centered Design Thinking

Why Human-Centered Design Matters | WIRED

In 1894, W.K. Kellogg made a discovery that would forever change what we eat in the morning. Seeking a more digestible breakfast alternative to baked bread for his brother’s hospital patients, the bespectacled former broom salesman accidentally left a pot of boiled wheat out overnight. The wheat became softened and when he rolled it out…

What is storytelling in design? – UX Collective

What is storytelling? More and more, in design, we’re told that we need to be great storytellers. But what does storytelling actually mean, and more importantly what does it mean in the context of…

The ethics of good design: A principle for the connected age

Dieter Rams’ timeless ethos helped guide and inspire designers around the world to create better products. But Silicon Valley found a big loophole.

Five Design Steps: Recruiters & The Human/Machine Interface

Recruiting like so many other services is undergoing massive disruption. Everything is changing.

Design Thinking - And a New Role for Recruiters

Over the past twenty years or so, corporations worldwide have focused on a variety of initiatives. The bulk of these were aimed at improving efficiency, increasing profit, and ensuring quality.

How a Candidate Persona Differs from a Job Description?

In our blog post Searching For New Employees? Define Your Candidate Personas For Best Result, we defined what a candidate persona is and how could it be developed by internal recruitment teams. However, when we start to think a little more deeply about candidate personas, many people tend to ask the


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