Future of Talent Institute Weekly - Issue #9

Ethics. A word that often makes people cringe because they associate ethics with boring lessons that are not connected to the realities of life. Yet, ethics form the foundation for how we treat other people, they are the reason we have laws, and they make our lives safer, happier and healthier.

For the past few years, corporations have been in the ethics spotlight as the press and employees uncover scams involving selling harmful products, misrepresenting products or services, using private information for profit, cheating, bribery, or lying that have damaged corporate brands and destroyed careers.

The ethics around use of personal data gathered from social media or from email, phones, and websites has become a topic that is debated almost daily.

Because of numerous cases of unethical practices, more organizations are creating positions for chief ethical officers, drawing up specific ethical guidelines, spending time to educate employees, and trying to ensure that every employee acts in an ethical way.

Many universities have established centers of ethics where business leaders can learn about ethics and bring ethical dilemmas for discussion. Most organizations now have written ethical guidelines for employees and require managers to hold periodic ethical discussions.

Below are a handful of excellent articles that discuss ethics in general as well as ethics directed at recruiters.

Do Recruiters Need a Code of Ethics?

Low-level recruiting jobs can be among the toughest in HR. Practitioners are under extreme pressure to fill clients’ positions. That pressure can tempt recruiters to make some less-than-ethical choices.

How to Fix the Crisis in Recruiting Ethics - The Forward Co.

Solving the crisis in recruiting ethics requires re-thinking the industry model and re-defining it to encourage long term gains over short term incentives.

Five Unethical Recruiting Practices That Will Sink Your Career

These unethical recruiting practices might be tempting for some, but corporate recruiters should avoid them at all costs - no matter how bad the economy is.

5 Trends in Big Data Ethics & Privacy in 2019 | Looker

Data privacy and ethics issues are major themes for 2019 - learn more about emerging trends for businesses, technology & people in an evolving digital world.

Ethics in The Corporate World

Google, Facebook and Other Big Tech companies Need to Play Their Position - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Alphabet shutting down ethics council raises questions about corporate self-regulation.

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

The Markkula Center at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley has a wealth of information, articles, and in-depth classes on ethics. I highly recommend you take a look at what they have to offer.

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