Sitemap - 2023 - Future of Talent Weekly Newsletter

Bringing 2023 to a Close

Rethinking Talent Supply Chains

Could AI Actually Take Over Recruiting?

Phoenix or Dodo?

Why Do We Resist AI?

A Contrarian’s View on Retention

The Future Workforce is on Campus

Why Sourcing Talent Is Critical for Long-Term Success

The Rise of Remote Recruiting

How To Be a Distinctive Recruiter

Navigating the Maze of Internal Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities

Use AI to Improve Your Selection Process

Is It The End of Recruiting As We Knew It?

Implementing AI Takes Time and Good Structure

Seven Reasons To Not Be A Corporate Recruiter

The Transformation of Recruiting

Where is Our Profession Going?

Why Do We Resist Automation?

Eliminate Wasteful Recruiting

Maybe We Should Look at Employees Differently

I am NOT an Asset

If Not Quality of Hire, Then What Should You Measure?

Quality of Hire

Culture Fit - Another Way to Discriminate?

Four Books for Summer Reading

A.I., Aging Populations, Productivity, and Recruiting

A.I. and Candidate Quality

Our Failure to Build Effective Candidate-Facing Processes - Part II

Our Failure to Build Effective Candidate-Facing Processes- Part I

Crumple Zones: Strategies for Survival

What will Recruiting Look Like in 2028?

The Art of Pushing Back

A Brief History of the Interview and Its Future

Skill Stacking for Survival

Part II: The Recruiting Metrics that Matter

Part 1: Ineffective Recruiting Metrics

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A Note to All Hiring Managers: Your New Recruiter May be a ChatBot

Where is Recruiting Headed?

Is Traditional Corporate Recruiting Doomed?

Sustainable Recruiting

Why Recruiting Has Been Hit So Hard

Technologies Disrupting Recruiting

Why Human Recruiters Remain Critical in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

A Work Strategy for a Good Life

The Challenges in Using ChatGPT

Why the Future of Recruiting Talent May be Where You Least Expect It

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Layoffs and the Lack of Planning

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Does Culture Fit Matter?

Seven Recruiting Predictions for 2023

How Did My Predictions for 2022 Hold Up?