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The Winter Solstice

Our Skills Shortage, The Workforce, and How It Gets Educated

Cultural Fit - Just an Excuse Not to Hire Someone?

Do You Measure What Matters?

Thoughts on This Thanksgiving Week

Are You Up To The Challenges?

Full-Stack Recruiter or Specialist?

Traditional Recruiting Skills are Dead

Three Ways to Win the Workers Back

Upskilling and Reskilling Remote Workers

The Great Shift

Talent Shortages & Credential Inflation

Part II - Virtual Recruiting Makes a User-Driven Recruitment Process Inevitable

Virtual Recruiting Makes a User-Driven Recruitment Process Inevitable

Virtual Recruiting Makes a User-Driven Recruitment Process Inevitable

Birthing Tomorrow's Workplace is Painful

Potential Woes in Talent Analytics

The Myth of a Talent Shortage

Sometimes It's Just Easier to Quit

A Radical New Design for Talent Acquisition

Crossing the Badlands: What’s Your Future as a Recruiter?

On Assessment with Bas van de Haterd

The Proper Use of Technology In Recruiting

The Hype of Candidate Engagement

Women and the Pandemic

How to Improve Recruiting Leadership

Memo To A Hiring Manager

Reskilling the New Workforce

Eight Trends for 2022

The Top Eight Trends in Recruitment for 2022

The Door Is Opening and People are Leaving

Remote or In-Person Work? The Debate Rages

The New Workforce Ecosystem

Are You Being Honest and Transparent?

Post-Pandemic Traits of Successful Talent Leaders

How Smart Are Recruiting Tools?

The Myth of a Talent Shortage

Should You Be Worried About Retention?

Why Recruiters Resist Automation

Step Up and Be a Distinctive Recruiting Leader

Video Chat with Felix Wetzel

The Illusion of Workforce Planning

The Atomization of Recruitment & The Rise of Skill Networks

8 Traits of Successful Recruiting Leaders

Thoughts & Links on A.I., Data Science, and Their Importance to All of Us

Eliminating Wasteful Recruiting

Candidates Get No Respect

Does The Source of Hire Matter?

The Advantages of RPO

Measuring The Quality of Hire

The Interview is a Poor Assessment Tool

Simplify Selection

Is Culture Fit an Excuse to Be Biased?

7 Ways We Created the Talent Shortage

Candidates & Employees as Investors - Not Assets

Data Literacy- The New Power Skill

4 Recruiting Memes, Themes, and Trends

Five Predictions for 2021